Wednesday, January 18, 2017

short story slam week 68, random folks, big fat fame box,

ordinary folks remain calm
they seek seashore uniquely
when a huge boat stops by
it carries some memory of face, food, smiles, unintentionally

here it goes,
names printed
places included
fame box expanded

Nita Acuff,
Twilla Adams
Lena Albright
Darrin Alford

Rae Allen
Terry Axton
Kim Banks
Nick Blay

Drew Quay
Patsy Bostick
Sherry Boyce
Chuck Bradley

Floyd Branson
Hugh Brown
Thelma Burton
Katy Cabe

Jiaqi Cai
Scott Campbell
Tyler Carter
Todd Cavins

Sam Chilton
Harry Cheatwood
Lindsay Clark
Kendall Claybaker

Donald Cooper
Judy Davis
Zory Deboar
Michael Deyoung

Randy Dobson
Gayla Dollar
Thomas Duncan
Carol Forquer

Larry Francis
Albert Furman
Robin Fuxa
Peggy Gaston

Kelly Goff
Mary Ann Grimsley
William Green
George Harrison

Olivia Helm
Leon Hicks
Rick Houck
Tracy Hunter

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

royal dano and gloria talbott speak

People forget who you are.
They walk through many countries,
and the earth rotates,
Day and night shift, confused.
Stars have forgotten their names,
All night, they stare at the darkness,
Out of breath, dancing barefoot.
O, forgotten umbrella,...
Jupiter skipped you,
Moon winked at you,
Venus spoke to you, from the distance.