Thursday, May 19, 2016

a fine write on a fine prompt short story slam week 44, and poetry rally week 83

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Whirligig 60 

farm house, farm animals sleep
dawn yawn, a yawn is a silent scream for coffee

wheelbarrow, red scarf,
vows of gritty and fetid faces glitter in twlights

empty and raw space,
fields of filthy homes stocked with backyard lumbers

wooden logs, Venetian  and sands casinos,
cabbages in streetcar truck leads to broken willow eye brows

Princeton and saint Louis,Fitz-Randolph Gate encloses Blair Arch and Hall, 
Alexander Hall, Nassau Hall, Fine Hall, McCosh and Dickerson Halls, Eating clubs

Art museum, Woodrow Wilson school of Princeton,
Firestone library, McCormick school of art, Whig and Clio Halls and First Campus Center

your past records, my memory art,
black and white Wednesday in farm house welcomes Kenneth Rexroth

Black & White Wednesday ~ Farm House

   photo ed82fd5b-4f79-4a44-82bb-3c7c664ed09b_zpsvrirlhko.jpg

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