Friday, February 12, 2016

the sunday whirl, six word saturday, and short story slam week 38

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Six Word Super-Day

Go Gators, That's Florida Gainsville Theme
 Image result for university of florida Ben Hill Griffin Football Stadium...

the day is sunny
university of florida Gators are funny

Ben Hill Griffin football stadium is cool,
because visitors know Jeremy Foley, and Jim McElwain well

Gainsville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville,
we have fun with Epcot, Scott Estes, and Ken Hansen

lamb chop show,
the baby sheep has to walk tic toc toe

flying drone, Lawrence bucks
much of the energy goes to Bob Dole and Robert Kerr

believe it or not,
we like Brannon resort, and Laura Scott

cross the table, laying a seashell,
we pick it up, wrapping it with Patty Kong and Melvyn Yabut spell

the Sunday Whirl