Tuesday, February 23, 2016

short story slam week 39, the trip Robin, Phillipee, Elmwood, and Francis take in June, 2003

short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books

 When Robin Traina decides to travel with her husband Elmwood Grove, 
all the way from Wichita to Salt Lake city, she feels good.

 They packed their Toyota car with cloth, shoes, and bathroom items
they begin from Wichita, then passing Colorado mountain, 
when they visit Denver, a city in between,
Robin received a text message from Robyn Napolitano,
a cousin who says hello, for a random reason,

unexpectedly, Robin's husband Elm got curious, he took offensive,
feeling like driving toward the shoulder of the road, that is when 
Robin decides to silence her cell phone, unplug her computer...

Phillipee Fauchet and Francis Nash are two boys Robin has,
Although they look like aliens, Robin and Elm do love them absolute.
because Phillipee and Francis do have one single spot in common 
with their parents, even if they don't resemble Robin, the mother,
Elmwood, the father, a family of four still constitute a pack of Soda,
---full of style, energy, wit, humor, and influence.

why in the world do you think that Denver (Danfu) is not a valid stop?
because robin, elmwood,  phillipee, Francis do have a relative there--
despite the difference in Mike Hancock, James Denver, John Hickerkenlooper,
Joseph Garcia, Marla Thomas, Jim Strickland, Dropkick Murphy, people
find that strangers such as Hartog Denbesten could support a lost dove 

 for No reason. 
 so, after they visit Mint, Inc, homeland of Aaron Patzer, 
Phillipee get excited about those bills, how a machine 
can print money as if they are water from Pacific ocean,
and Francis is small, only 3, he rides on Elmwood's back,
feeling empowered by a father's trust, a mother's sensitive eye,
and an older brother's friendliness, they ignore Milwaukee Gautam Biswas's
disagreement, continuing their journey

driving through a dark tunnel, Elmwood becomes tired, it is time for
Robin Traina to drive, she indeed gets on her car, and speedy up to 79 miles
an hour, not out of breath, but opting for a far-away adventure

once they arrive Salt Lake City Snowbird Resort,  they feel like home,
it was June, 2013, the mountain valley has loud waterfall, some snow 
is yet to melt, and a swimming pool is housed near, they walk around,
because the hotel is a resort, which has kitchen, cooking ware, and beds.
dinner is served at Daniel Fleetwood bakery and bar,
fresh salad, roasted beef, big mac hamburger, high neck cups of pepsi,
that does serve the family well, the family is not shocked when a Computer
engineering scientist suddenly waves hello to Elm, and Elm also find a dozen folks
who has come to Summer Academic Seminar of Global Computer Programming,
to be respective, we include their names here, and they are Miami Mayaimi Phonix,
Julie Adams, Tomas Regalado, Daniel Alfonso, Zhiao Shi, Janet Lee, Fred Thompson,
Skip Thomas, Ailong Ke,  George Hess, Maria Garcia, Ji-Young Lee,
Janet Shellman Sherman,Simon Levin, Huai-Hu Chuang, Paula Cohen,Robin Gleed,
 Nancy Lorr,Jay Cutler, Bharat Bhuva, Muhammud Yunus, Francis Wells...

while Elmwood joins his professional activity, Robin took Phillipee and
Francis to salt lake city, they have visited museums, churches, state capital
building, salt lake palace, shopping center, and they eat street food,
collecting lots  London, Paris, Rome, Frankford immigrants' smiles.

G is for GORGEOUS Denver

Friday, February 12, 2016

people at Hanover, Nashville, Noe york city, Champaign, Gainsville, Miami, and mountain view

business, services, divisions,
attractions lull us all over the places

I write down so many names,
do you think that they deserve fame?

I scan the city hall, and services,
i feel empowered by Ken Hansen and Bill Gates

I look up, and look down
I enjoy those mountain view, and the georgetown

I wonder why I don't agree to give up my freedom,
I decide to include all those notable wisdom

so if you see a list of folks,
you shall check, and making sure they obtain fancy thoughts

way to go, Dartmouth College,
thanks, Vanderbilt University, and University of California, Berkeley.

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the sunday whirl, six word saturday, and short story slam week 38

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Six Word Super-Day

Go Gators, That's Florida Gainsville Theme
 Image result for university of florida Ben Hill Griffin Football Stadium...

the day is sunny
university of florida Gators are funny

Ben Hill Griffin football stadium is cool,
because visitors know Jeremy Foley, and Jim McElwain well

Gainsville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville,
we have fun with Epcot, Scott Estes, and Ken Hansen

lamb chop show,
the baby sheep has to walk tic toc toe

flying drone, Lawrence bucks
much of the energy goes to Bob Dole and Robert Kerr

believe it or not,
we like Brannon resort, and Laura Scott

cross the table, laying a seashell,
we pick it up, wrapping it with Patty Kong and Melvyn Yabut spell

the Sunday Whirl