Saturday, January 30, 2016

short story slam week 37 in Alabama

none of us predict that
phonix is favorable to xiaojun huang

not many agree that
Forst Gibson is hometown to Griffin Daniels

wanna to visit Hartshome?
contact Joe, Julie, and Camille Collins

do you know how to get to Chandler or Chickasha?
simply check them out with Bill Chambers, Laci Cartmell

I lose patience on some powerful figures,
because their eyes are fixed with my shortcomings

I feel discouraged by many Mans-ford business
simply because Jiffy Lube is lazy on coffee refills

when Angie Jolie grows busy with Max,
her former opponent Jennifer Aniston comes

sad news could bring in tears
good grades may not produce Harvard University or MIT

Langston resident has students at OKC,
Andy Abebaw, Edward Bird are few samples

Cindy zhao and Jane Chin relate?
tom wu and qiangjiao kong relate?

Totsy Boyd and Mazie Earl relate?
Cathy Hayes and Cameron Grell agree?

some folks frown at my picks,
let's me check out Robert Julian, Bentley,  Peter Salovey,  L. Rafael Reif...