Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Judi Annier Yan, and short story slam week 35

3WW Week No. 460  Fresh, New, Resolute

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  Image result for black and white winter

My Memory Art
Black & White Wednesday ~ Winter

 when it comes to Ju Er yan, 
We recall her version of Americans, 
in term of Judi Annier Yan, and her younger brother Yinzera Yan,
who has been a fisherman from Yufan town,
and who has been a small water to boats 
who afloat on the Han river,
who eat white pale fish without salt at times,
and who allows his father saving his sister's life
at penguin electricity company,
flood, drought, hunger, poverty, and ignorance,
these always scare Yans, Yangs, Pengs, Hes, Yus, Dais, Zhus, and Bies,
we look back,
we expect brighter future,
nothing is nuetual
and we do appreciate those people
who still carry heavy thoughts on Salts,
and who promote Anzhi Yan, Shezhi Yan, Qingzhi Yan, Chuanxian Peng,
and Mucun Guan, Zhicheng Guan, and Young Cheng, Ai Nian Yu, Mianne Peng 
winter snow blows
spring breeze unfold energy
and glad to see hope
and prayers to refreshed minds
who breathe Jing state, ShenYang city, Heilongjiang City, Kunming City,
and best wishes New Orleans, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and New York.


  Lan Yan Ju Er( Jing Zhuang)
Y is for Yan Juer, or Judi Annier Yan, a grandmother and her vision



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You've hooked me. I must know more about this Judi. A glorious 2016 to you!
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