Monday, October 12, 2015

amazing saints

last night,
a star shines bright,
sparks fly,
girls on a sleigh glide

seven elves,
a fair tale wins fame
a story fixed on shelves

some ask for a blessing of a profound name,
I believe that it shall occur as a thanksgiving march,
so, saint austin, saint august were born,
then come Saint Morill, saint Lawrie,

a distant call lulls me to a San Diego seashore,
I tell everybody I am awe
of you all, Saint Louis, Saint Minneapolis,
plus someone such as Saint Teresa, and Saint Philip

a small child blinks her eyes,
seeking positive message from folks near,
that's when I call her a tiny beer,
that tastes both good and sour

Saint Montgomery is tom's religion name,
 Saint Barbara fit that princess Joyce well,
Saint Christopher leads Saint Dokota,
Barack Obama cares for Michelle Robinson