Wednesday, November 25, 2015

alphabet thursday x, short story slam week 32, unexpected


Drawing to a Close | OctPoWriMo Day

Alphabe-Thursday Letter X  x is for Xunlu

 Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

when it comes to a sad end,
I think of my school, my job, and my friend,
that's when I finish wuzi university,
and that's when I board a fly to Seattle, then Chicago

when it comes to X word,
Xylophone brings music and melody,
X-ray tells us our bone history,
and Xi Jinping 's daughter Xi Minze writes about Harvard Theology.

how about unexpected events,
that's when we hear that Nikita, Nash. Marvin, Boonie are suffered
and Stillwater goes strong in remembering

Xun Lu is honored for powerful voice against political conterparts,
Xie Aihua is recalled by being a smart physics scientist,
Xin Peng, Xin Zhao are old lords of Hebei, and Jiangsu,
Xueliang Zhang (Fengzhi Yu, Edith Chao) is famous for being a young marshal from Honolulu.

X words hit me,
X people inspire me,
X story informs me,
X is an associate to Y or Z in math, that entertains Me!