Tuesday, June 16, 2015


from purple waterway,
to orange fountain,
all the way,
we sail with a wildcard,
and we deal
foxes with no-chiken thrill.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Megan Thiefing's Philosophy

Megan Whalen Turner is a writer in depth,
Her King, Queen, series are exciting to green willow,
we say prayers to Mark, Jack, Python, and Matt,
hope that Princeton spirit is carried fully
all the way to Maryland, Greece, and San Francisco.
Now we think of Saint Louis Arc,
And San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge,
Sophia, Skylar, Cat, Douglas, Camila, and Megan manage writing art,
with Morton, Julio, Alan, Goce, Thomas, Sarah, Mary tracing the new york times front page.
No extensive exposure complaints,
that's what Megan Thiefing thinks,
Gay, Matthew, Alissa, Benjia, Jeanne, and Tinan composes music,
Because a gloomy donkey does know how to do winks.
Yue Fei daydreams,
Qu Yuan dragon boats,
American airline and U. S. airway connect,
a lady in wait confesses---WRITE FREELY, LIVE HAPPILY.