Monday, April 27, 2015

a bookmark between pages of Coltrane (world peace business act number 4)

red and green,
blue and yellow,
black and white,
orange and purple,
two colors, one bookmark.
CEO and directors,
capital and state,
president and cabinets,
ladies and gentlemen,
many counterparts, one hollywood.
Easy mark bookmarks,
Simple knots,
Conyers, Brandon, Florence, Jackson, Alabama and Georgia benchmarks,
Complex Arts,
Mary Fallin, Todd Holm, Milan Wesleyan.
colorado mountains,
utah valley,
lots of skiing and swimming
peace bids its head toward our art and landscape painting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

golden delicious apples

a color in between,
green, yellow, and golden,
each bite bears smoother skin.
apples and pecans,
they are goods that empower our brain,
an apple a day makes life clean-sen.
gravity theory insights obtain,
due to the falling apple from isaac ayagonoten,
newton is sharp and promising.
pears differ from apples,
pears cannot replace the apple benn,
name golden delicious apples Gravinn.