Wednesday, March 4, 2015

the Wang in Hwang?

The Wang is the head,
The Lang is the Man,
The Nu is the Maiden,
The Moon is the Sun.
Washington D. C. is our capital,
Huafu is our government,
Barack is our president,
John Kerry is secretary of state.
Frank Wang rules OSSM,
Scott Jackson conducts SHS orchestra,
Don't forget Stacy Sullivian and Jennifer Wisdom,
Christopher Clark befriends with Chuck Reed...
There is a Wang in Hwang,
There is a Jupiter in sixteen Dimentional Pond,
There is a dog at Bill Gate's home front,
There is a Wu at Henry Hargis's Wunder Zoo.

Hello, happy March, this is an award from poetry rally week 81, amazing?!!!!!!

for week 82, I wish to nominate  Megha  and Gerry Boyd