Monday, July 28, 2014

Random Flow of Thoughts

Fran Stan from Eskimo Joe,
George Bush at Houston Ranch,
What is the difference in between?
One is a star that glows from above,
another is the wind that blows at our gut.

Alex Knotts at San Diego Zoo,
Maxwell Wanos at Florida Epcot,
How do they become close friend?
It might be an email one sent,
It could be Fayetteville Orchestra music camp they both went.

Lora Shant at Harvard University,
Megan Turner at Maryland Writing Nut,
why do they believe in God?
Because Todd Holm excels at Crafting Art,
Because if knowledge and creativity combine,
 Power becomes Divine.

Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, California,
Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oregon, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin;
New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Utah, New Hampshire,
Arkansas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Main, Montana,
Sarah Palin from Alaska,
All Gore from Tennesse,
Barack Obama from Kneya,
Bob Morton from Mars,
it is hard to count the stars,
It is good to notice their voice,
and make Jupiter and its counterparts profound.


Janet Buffet Robert Levatich said...

believe it or not,

writing is an art.

Janet Buffet Robert Levatich said...

have fun marrying words in your computer word documents.