Monday, April 7, 2014

Silicon Valley: A Non-Stop Jumping Icon

Next to a pink lotus flower,
A frog sits on a green lily pad,
Schools of fish swim under,
Stealing some looks at the frog.

a frog, an icon,
Its name is well known:
Frog, Qingwa, Tianji, Paradise Chicken, Field Rooster or Hen,
That's quite a yami confession.

People who live at San Jose, or Silicon Valley are frogs,
They control advancement of modern tech and blogs,
Family values, Hollywood glory, they fullfill the space of Mountain View,
San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Los Angles, Seattle, and Beverley Hills.

Segrey Brin and Edwin Lee are as big as Larry Page,
Susan Schmidt and Steve Jobs won't stop promoting Apple products;
Far far away, Up in Lempert Alfred Heaven,
Angels and fairies speak the name of  Tesla Samchez, Chunk and Kasim Reed, and Todd Patten.

There is legacy of many a person,
Carlos Campos, Sam Zell, Jesse Jackson, Anne Torres, Glenn Murphy, Matt Ter Molen,
plus numerous business names and media sources:
Los Angles times, Chicago Tribunne, Suntech, Devon, Atwoods, Lockes, Sears,
Dillards, JcPenny, Old Navy, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook...

Silicon Valley is one hot place,
Silicon valley has a frog's grace.
Fernholz, Simonyi, Chaniotis, Crone, Cosmo, Chris, She, Cora, Niblock, Monaghan,
Geary, Bowersock, Hisiuya, Bynum, Wang, Marissa, Tuzo, Chan, Zhao, Han, Yang,
Constable, Jong, Habicht, Lavin, Paret, Harris, Jerry, Royal, Odum, Shell, Lazarus,
It's always a delight to list these and enjoy inventive discovery along.

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