Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Color Is Love? By Marjorie E. Tish

There is gold in the air all around us-
There's blue in the sky above-
There is green in the grass we walk on
but tell me, what color is love?
I'm hoping it's wondrously pretty-
A beauty more lastingly kind-
I know if I search in the right place,
A treasure of love I shall find...
So tell me, what color is love?
The pleasure of dancing is rhythms;
The pressure on lips is sweet.
The surging of warmth and emotion
is building my heart's quickened beat!
Dear, tell me-what color is love?
Sheer madness within me increases
thrill of a fountain of youth...
I know I shall feel happy
as soon as I have chance meeting the truth,
please! tell me, what color is love?

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