Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Color Is Love? By Marjorie E. Tish

There is gold in the air all around us-
There's blue in the sky above-
There is green in the grass we walk on
but tell me, what color is love?
I'm hoping it's wondrously pretty-
A beauty more lastingly kind-
I know if I search in the right place,
A treasure of love I shall find...
So tell me, what color is love?
The pleasure of dancing is rhythms;
The pressure on lips is sweet.
The surging of warmth and emotion
is building my heart's quickened beat!
Dear, tell me-what color is love?
Sheer madness within me increases
thrill of a fountain of youth...
I know I shall feel happy
as soon as I have chance meeting the truth,
please! tell me, what color is love?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hear The Sweet Sound Via Honey!

Cardinal sings, the hunter's horn,
then the red door pops open,
Now I hear another honey song,
Sweet music from Heaven,
this time a mockingbird,
the street is filled with chirping word.
How long does it take
for us to agree, rise above the fate,
We once are forced to defeat,
and let force tear open the happy gate?
To freeze rules is to shut doors,
To loathe disagreement is to start fights,
Let your ears hear the noises,
The carpenter does have his woody choice.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer fun at the Beach by Attalia Gooden Xin


Summer fun is so grand
It's so fun too play in the sand
Summer time with family is so fun
you get to laugh and play in the sun

Running around on the beach
and for the ocean they try to reach
Summer fun is so grand
all the little kids run and play hand in hand

Get to play with a beach ball
seems like your there all day long
Making sand castles is really grand
just laughing and playing in the sand

Laughing, running, jumping, and jogging
screaming, shell collecting, beach walking and ball hogging
And all this summer fun has just begun,
I hope you read this poem when you done