Friday, March 29, 2013


 I did not think when I named my people
Eurocentric that I would ever have to
Rack my brains for just the right touch of
Foreign syllable to represent a nation
That has given me a friend I wish to honor
Without insult.
And when I used to roam the open-air mall
In search of shoes, I never imagined
That one day I would argue with my sister
Over wearing the plaid flannel that clothes
The leering young men whose compliments
We can't accept
As I feel the fluorescent lights slowly
Bleaching my skin even paler than
Its standout rosy tan among
An olive sea.
And when I felt obligated to copy my books and
Choose a crush I never paid attention to
Last names or skin tone because
A heart is the same in any language
And mine breaks when I realize
How hard it is to accept.

Copyright © 1996 by Katherine Forema

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