Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Color Is Love? By Marjorie E. Tish

There is gold in the air all around us-
There's blue in the sky above-
There is green in the grass we walk on
but tell me, what color is love?
I'm hoping it's wondrously pretty-
A beauty more lastingly kind-
I know if I search in the right place,
A treasure of love I shall find...
So tell me, what color is love?
The pleasure of dancing is rhythms;
The pressure on lips is sweet.
The surging of warmth and emotion
is building my heart's quickened beat!
Dear, tell me-what color is love?
Sheer madness within me increases
thrill of a fountain of youth...
I know I shall feel happy
as soon as I have chance meeting the truth,
please! tell me, what color is love?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Note To The Disadvantaged or Disabled Individuals: Things Will Change!

Where The Wild Things Are? Illustrated by Emily L. Eibel / Tomby

 Thursday Mini Fiction Writing Prompt Week 30: Life In The Art Box

To all those who struggle yet hope
for a better future, Listen to what I say:
Keep in mind-both the rich and the well to do
will face God's judgment day,
Diligence and intelligence are key
for ya to pave the way,
and American dreams shall stay,
The bottom line,
Poverty cannot ruin your mind wire,
Youth is wealthy element,
Your money wealth is up in Heaven
and it takes wisdom to validate
your value, that's important.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Haiku on coconuts or Yae Zee!

Ye'Zi Shu and Ye'Zi, Coconut Tree and Coconuts
coconuts at beach,
Monkey business and trees,
Tropical parades.
Safari at forests,
Houses, toys, treasures, and maps,
dance coconut steps.
Books, friends, dreams, and beach,
Waves, seashells, naked body,
Coconut romance.

coconuts =ye'zi =yae'zee

Monday, October 15, 2012

Thinking of Quinn Peony While Admiring Elegant Chrysanthemums

Indianan State Flower: Peony or Hong Mudan 

Carpe Diem Chrysanthemums

autumn looks hotter
when peonies outsmart peers to
match chrysanthemums!
life is much duller
without chrysanthemums' light,
peony lets it live.

Truth shrouded in lies,
No absolute evidence shown,
time for something new.
Books shrouded in east,
The shop is full of new myth,
childhood vowed in past.

Monday, October 1, 2012

New York city Central Park (Lost In The Middle of no Where)

Thursday Flash Fiction Week 28: Innocence and Dreams

Scaling small rocks, exhaling smog,
Eyes caught wide open at NY city central park,
Wild like deer, as white
and colorful as a grounded kite,
We caught the butterflies flying high,
decorating the thick faced sky,
Never mind figures of geometry,
Forget about limits or infinity,
Imaginary shapes twists down, each tangle
a well formed triangle,
Lost at the blurring moments,
by heavy sentiments,
Breath is taken by mote of dust,
There is an urge to sting such delicate lust
like bees, but must stop
before getting drunk by the overwhelming honey drop.